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The County Magistrate Conducting a Trial The Museum of Old Houses Zishou Temple Tianjixiang Museum Qiao Family Courtyard Cao Family Courtyard
Yugang Grottoes
Introduction:Located at the southern foot of Wuzhou Mountain some 16 kilometers west of Datong
Hengshan Mountain
Introduction:Hengshan Mountain is located in Hunyuan County of Shanxi Province in northern Chi
Pit of Ten of Thousands of Corpses
Introduction:“Pit of Tens of Thousands of Corpses” is another name of Datong Coal Mine Exh
Nine Dragon Screen Wall
Introduction: The Nine Dragon Screen in Datong, Shanxi Province, is said to be the largest scree
Drum Tower
Introduction:Drum Tower, which is 18.33 meters long from east to west, 14 meters wide from north
Yingxian Wooden Pagoda
Introduction:The Wooden-Structure Pagoda in Ying County, with a height of 67.31 meters and a bas
Hanging Monastery
Introduction:Situated at the foot of Hengshan Mountain and perched precariously o­n a near-v
Yong’an Temple
Introduction:The Yong’an Temple lies in the northeast of Hunyuan County. Consisting of Front T
The Brick Five Dragon Screen in Wen Temple
Introduction:Datong is known as the "Home of the Dragon Screens". Located in the Back Street of
Baideng Mountain
Introduction:The Baideng Mountain, where famous battle “Baideng Battle” occurred, is located
Baoning Temple
Introduction:Located in the northeast of Youyu County, Baoning Temple originally covered an area
Cailiang Mountain
Introduction:Cailiang Mountain is located at the east of Datong County. With an altitude of 2144
Chongfu Temple
Introduction:Chongfu Temple is located in the north of the Eastern Street, Shouzhou city, Shanxi
Ciyun Temple
Introduction:Covering an area of 5500 square meters, the Ciyun Temple is located in the West Str
Datong Volcano Group
Introduction:Situated in north-east of Datong county, the Datong volcano group is continental ri
Guandi Temple
Introduction:Located in the East Street of the Drum Tower in Datong City, the Guandi Temple was
Guanyin Hall
Introduction:The Guanyin Hall locates in a small low hill which is far 7.5 kilometers away from
Huayan Temple
Introduction:Huayan Temple locates at southwest corner in Datong City. It was built according to
Jingtu Temple
Introduction:Located in the northeast of Yingxian County of Shanxi Province, Jingtu Temple was b
Jueshan Temple
Introduction:Located at the mountainside of the Jueshan Mountain, 15 kilometers southeast to dow
Shanhua Temple
Introduction:Located in the west side of Nan Street in the south of Datong City, Shanhua Temple
Yanmen Pass
Introduction:Yanmen Pass, also called Xilong Pass, is situated in the key way of south Guangwu C
Pingcheng Site
Introduction:Pingcheng Site is located along the area from Datong railway station westward to Ch
Pingxing Pass
Introduction:Located at Pingxing Mountain in Shanxi, Pingxing Pass occupies a strategically impo
Qifeng Mountain
Introduction:Covering an area of 61 square kilometers, the Qifeng Mountain lies in the south of
Three Dragon Screen
Introduction:Situated in the middle segment of Tongyun Road in the west of Datong City, the Thre
The Five Dragon Screen in Shanhua Temple
Introduction:Datong is known as the "Home of the Dragon Screens". Located in western side of Tia
One Dragon Screens
Introduction:With four pieces in all, the o­ne Dragon Screens are situated in the back stree
Bianqiang Five Castles
Introduction:Distributed in the line of Great Wall, 50 kilometers away from the northwest of Dat
Guangwutunbing Castle
Introduction:The Guangwutunbing Castle locates at the foot of Yanmen Pass in the south of Shanyi
Shuishen Temple
Introduction:The Shuishen Temple, ranking first among the five scenic areas of Nanhu Woods Park,
The Tomb of King Zhao Wuling
Introduction:The tomb of King Zhao Wuling is located in the west segment of Xinhua West Street o
Fahua Tower
Introduction:Located in the northeast of Tasi Street in Datong City, the Fahua Tower was origina
The Five Dragon Screen in Tianzhu Temple
Introduction:Located in the Sandaoying Alleyway of Dabei Street in Datong City, the Five Dragon
Fangshan Mausoleum
Introduction:The Fangshan Mausoleum is located in the north of Datong City, 25 kilometers away f
Wenying Lake
Introduction:Backs o­n Baideng Maotain and Cailiang Moutain, the Wenying Lake lies in the ea
Great Mosque
Introduction:Situated in the No. 9 Alley in Daxi Street of Datong City, the Great Mosque was ori
Lingqiu Gudao Road
Introduction:Originally built in the North Wei Dynasty, the Lingqiu Gudao Road is located in the
Dragon Mountain
Introduction:Located in the southwest of the Hunyuan County, the Dragon Mountain is 15 kilometre
Shahu Pass
Introduction:Located in the northwest of Youyu County, the Shahu Pass is a crucial pass of the o
Shuozhou Han Tomb Groups
Introduction:Located in the zone of administration community of Pingshuo hypaethral coal company
Tangtou Hotspring
Introduction:     Situated in the Hunyuan County, the Tangtou Hotspring is k
Desheng Mashi Market
Introduction:Located in the north of Datong City, Desheng Pass is o­ne of the important pass
Balefire Stages
Introduction:Balefire Stages are engineering facilities for guard and military intelligence deli
Luyeyuan Grotto
Introduction:The Luyeyuan Grotto is located in the north cliffside of Dasha Channel in the Xiaos
Wuguantun Grotto
Introduction:The Wuguantun Grotto is located in the Yungang Channel (known as Buddhism shrine),
Langer Village
Introduction:The Langer Village is located 25 kilometers southwest in Shuozhou. It is also calle
The Visit under the Coal Mine
Introduction:With the certificate of national industry and agriculture tourism advanced unit, Da
Lubanyao Grotto
Introduction:Lubanyao Grotto is located in the massif in the west bank of Shili River, 2 kilomet
Xujiayao Site
Introduction:The Xujiayao Site is located 1.5 kilometers south of Xujiayao Village in theYanggao
 Beichen Garden Hotel adress: Zhandong Street (Zhandong Dajie) 
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